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Sales Associate Hiring Incentive Rules & Guidelines

**Applications for 4/1/2021 enrollment are CLOSED. All new applications will be reviewed for 7/1/2021 enrollment.**

This 15-month program pays a bonus to qualified agents who hire a new sales associate to increase production.


Quarterly Enrollments: 

January 1st, 2021
April 1st, 2021
July 1st, 2021
October 1st, 2021


 Agent Eligibility Requirements:

2+ years tenure
- If less than 2 years, must be a Blue Vase or Heritage award recipient 
$500,000 PC premium
Scorecard Segments 1, 2 or 3 


Sales Associate Requirements:

New hire within the past quarter
PC licensed
Appointed by Farm Bureau (must happen before the agent may be enrolled)

If the sales associate is not licensed at the time of application, study materials will be provided through ExamFX. Shared sales associates are not eligible for the Hiring Incentive Program. 



 Agents will be eligible for tiered payments based upon production metrics and quarter of the program. Payments are made monthly based upon quarterly production requirements.


Production Requirements:

Production requirements will be based upon R12 totals for New Accounts, UARs, and Life to PC production credit. Agents will receive individual production requirements at time of enrollment. 

Below are the required production increases for the program. These values will be added on to the agent's frozen R12 production to determine the quarterly requirements.



Agent is approved to enroll January 1st. As of November 30, their R12 production is 30 New Accounts, 100 UARs, and $22,000 Life to PC. Production example below.

First quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar) = $750 a month

At the end of Q1 (March 31st) the agent will need to reach at least one of the R12 metrics to earn a bonus ($1,000) for the next quarter. If the agent meets either the New Account or UAR metric AND Life to PC then they qualify for the $1,500 bonus.


 Termination Clause:

Two consecutive quarterly misses
Sales Associate cancels

Important Application Information:

Applications will be reviewed weekly. After successful submission of an application, a confirmation message box will appear on the screen. You do not need to create a profile and may exit the page. 

After you submit an application, you will be emailed with the next steps and ExamFX study materials (if needed).

Agents may only be enrolled in the program with one Sales Associate at a time.  

Contact with questions.