Job Details

                 Agent Mentorship Program

This program is intended to partner our most successful agents with aspiring agents coming into the business. This 9+ month program allows candidates to gain hands-on industry experience and learn how to successfully run and grow a business from a current Farm Bureau agent. The mentoring agent will receive a bonus for hiring, mentoring, and developing the candidate who was referred by the Agency Manager. 

Eligibility Requirements: 


  • 2+ years tenure
  • Scorecard segments 1, 2, and 3
  • Agent must have at least one licensed staff per $1 million P/C premium
  • Agent must have qualified for All American or Pacesetters at least two of the past five years


  • Candidate LIMRA score must be 6+ (candidate must be referred to agent from agency manager)
  • Fully licensed (P/C and L/H)


Payments: The mentoring agent will receive the $10,000 bonus on their commission statement the month the sales associate contracts as an agent.

 Example: January 1st contract = payment on January Commission Statement (paid February)


The sales associate must have worked with the mentor agent as a licensed sales associate for a minimum of 9 months prior to contracting as an agent in order for the mentor agent to be eligible to receive the bonus.